UEFA unveils vibrant new logo for € 2,024, and comes with Easter egg


It was as if it was yesterday that Europe was in a good mood during the football summer. And to the delight of fans, UEFA is already preparing for Euros 2024.

The European football event is set to take place in Germany in 2024, and EUFA is already teasing fans with its new logo. The design was revealed on social media accompanied by a spectacular light show at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. EUFA also released a colorful video on unity and inclusiveness in upcoming games to announce the logo redesign. Want to create your own logo? Be sure to check out our 15 Golden Rules of Logo Design.

The striking new logo (see what we did there?) Plays on the colors of the flags in Europe, as well as the shape of the Olympiastadion in Berlin, where the games will be held. And while the logo still features the Euro Cup like the previous two logos, we think its use of bright colors and a new oblong shape is a refreshing take on the logo. You can already imagine it stuck on sticker books and soccer jerseys.

In a video released by UEFA, the bold logo is revealed with a number of illustrations and colors. The video says “everyone is welcome to bring their colors,” which is why the new logo is so vibrant. UEFA also continues in the video “For all generations, all voices and all of us united in football”. Pairing that with the various characters in the video, it’s obvious that UEFA is trying to create a sense of diversity and inclusiveness in the games – which we think is great.

The animated video racked up over 350,000 views on YouTube and people shared their thoughts in the comments section. Most of the reviews were positive, with everyone sharing their enthusiasm for the tournament, but some were quick to criticize the logo. One user commented “It’s a good logo but I wish it represented a bit more of Germany” and another said “I like it, but it doesn’t look like the Germany “. We can see where they are coming from with the logo colors appealing to all the nations of Europe instead of the black, red and yellow of German only.

Fans also took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new logo, and one keen-eyed fan noticed that the “O” in Euro stands for the Olympiastadion – isn’t that cool?

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