Twitter makes it easy to sign in or create an account


Twitter now displays the “Sign up with Google” option, making it easier to sign in. If you already have a Twitter account that uses your Google Account email, it will simply sign in without requiring the password entry step – provided that account is currently signed in on your Android device.

Twitter says that “it wanted to make it easier to log into your Twitter account using your Google Account or Apple ID login information without needing to remember additional passwords.”

So now those who create a new account will be able to sign up with the existing details without entering any basic information, such as name and email address. This will make it easier for users to log in from any device, as there will be no need to enter the password.

In addition, those who create an account with the Google ID, Twitter will use the same profile picture as the one used in your Google account. Users will have the option to edit the profile picture.

All Twitter users can sign in with Google using their iOS and Android devices. The web version of the app also allows you to sign in using the Google account. However, Apple Connection is currently only available on Apple devices. The company is also expected to add support for web support for the same soon.

Currently, you will not be able to unlink the Google or Apple account on mobile after linking them to Twitter. “Currently, logging out of Google is only available on the web. We are working to develop this feature on iOS and Android, ”the company said.

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