The history of United States Olympic uniforms


For American athletes at the Olympics, representing your country means donning red, white and blue. Adidas, as the official uniform supplier for USA Golf, worked with a Tokyo-based artist to give a local flavor to what Americans will wear when competing at Kasumigaseki Country Club in Japan.

Hiroko Takahashi’s designs are iconic and instantly recognizable through her use of minimal elements like circles and straight lines to represent endless possibilities. While she worked with adidas on product design in other categories, designing these golf uniforms was a first for her.

Takahashi was inspired by a saying well known in Japan as the inspiration for the different designs of each day of competition. The saying comes from Shingen Takeda, a preeminent Japanese warrior of the Sengoku period, who inspired others to be “as swift as the wind, as silent as the forest, as daring as fire and still as the mountain”.

Each set of men’s and women’s uniforms will represent one of these characteristics – wind, forest, fire and mountain – through Takahashi’s design aesthetic.

The men’s polo shirts will be a mix of adidas’ Ultimate365 and HEAT.RDY lines so players can stay relaxed and cool as temperatures rise in Tokyo. Here’s a look at the men’s uniforms for each day of competition:

First turn (wind): American male gamers will wear the Ultimate365 lightweight polo shirt in a bold white colourway with bold blue stripes based on Takahashi’s design. The polo shirt is extremely breathable thanks to the mesh panels in the back and features materials designed to accompany the athlete.

Second round (Forest): The sport-inspired polo shirt features a bladed collar with integrated mesh areas and HEAT.RDY materials to promote breathability where players need it most. The sporty look incorporates a light gray print with stripes and circles that combine into a larger design. A traditional collar option will also be available.

Third turn (Fire): Players will wear a bright red polo shirt featuring Takahashi’s unique design depicting fire. The Ultimate365 lightweight polo shirt will inspire confidence with features like four-way stretch to promote freedom of movement throughout the swing and mesh side panels to keep players cool.

Fourth turn (Mountain): The only blue polo shirt to be part of the uniform, players will enter the final day with another sport-inspired polo shirt featuring a bladed collar for a modern, athletic look. Like the second day, the polo shirt features HEAT.RDY material to promote breathability and includes a distinctive design on the chest. A single red stripe from the collar to the sleeves adds an extra design detail. A traditional color striped ribbed collar option will also be available.

Players will also have the option of wearing a breathable Ultimate365 long sleeve polo shirt, but with UPF50 sun protection.

For the bottoms, men will have an option of blue pants made with our hot melt material; giving players a soft and premium feel to the touch, but with ventilation to promote air circulation as they play. There is also a white option which features our lightweight material with twill for a distinctive look and style.

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