Let’s Go Lines? TikToker gives Detroit Lions a unique new branding


GREEN BAY, Wisc. – There is a new quarterback, a new head coach and a new general manager in the Detroit Lions organization, so why not redesign the team logo?

And that’s exactly what TikTok creator Emily Zugay humorously decided to do on social media.

However, in her fake viral video, she seemed to misunderstand the name and designed it as the “Lines”

Zugay likes to be satirical in his posts, which makes things easy difficult.

Therefore, by calling the Lions, the Lines.

Her original post racked up over 2.2 million views, where she also revamped the logos for Tampax, NASCAR, The Washington Post, Ocean Spray, Tinder, and Adobe.

“The logo redesign video is just another idea I had to slightly irritate people,” Zugay told ESPN over the phone, laughing. “But it kind of took off, so I knew how to spell the Detroit Lions, but I was just trying to come up with ideas on how to screw it up.”

The Lions social media team played around with his video, ultimately creating t-shirts with his design. Then they posted it on their TikTok page, where players reacted ahead of their Monday night football game with the Green Bay Packers.

“It’s interesting,” Lions fullback Jason Cabinda said, while holding the jersey.

“This is the wrong thing to do,” said Lions OLB Romeo Okwara.

Interestingly, Zugay moved to Michigan from southeastern Wisconsin about a year ago, and she tried to immerse herself in the culture of the state. So this was the perfect opportunity to do it with the Lions franchise. She started taking her lazy satirical videos seriously around April and she wants to continue bringing humor to her social media content.

Although she grew up as a Chicago Bears fan, Zugay said that “the Lions are definitely going up on my roster” after the recent social media interaction and that she will support them during Monday Night Football against Green Bay.

“I think they’ll have even better luck if they wear my warm-up,” Zugay said. “Lions all the way. I think we have a chance.

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