Kenya: Do not send queries to ‘Kenya Power & Lighting Company (Kplc)’ – Philippines-based Facebook page impersonates Kenya Power

Kenyans posted messages on the Facebook page “Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC)“, which has more than 100,000 subscribers, estimating that their requests would reach the public electricity service Kenya Power.

But they received no response.

The the page clearly claims to represent the power of Kenya. “Kenya Power is a limited liability company that transmits, distributes and sells electricity to customers across Kenya,” its section says about. It also links to the official Kenya Power website,

Corn almost all of the articles of the page are about engineering and business ventures elsewhere in the world, with a link to the website Gineers Now.

Still, comments on the posts are mostly from desperate Kenyans asking for help with electricity issues in their neighborhoods.

The page has not been updated for years. His most recent message dated May 18, 2017. But Kenya Power customers are still asking for help, with many questions in the comments just a few weeks ago.

Why isn’t it “Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC)“answer these questions?

The verified page is “Kenya Power Care”

The page transparency section reveals that the page was created November 17, 2012, and the people manager he is based in the Philippines, an island nation in Southeast Asia.

On November 16, 2021, Kenya Power took its official Facebook page to warn Kenyans that they should not post questions to fake Facebook pages with their logo on them.

“Hello our dear customers, please beware of fake Facebook pages bearing our logo and answering your customer service questions”, he bed. “Our official page is Verified Kenya Power Care.”

The page “Kenya Power Care” was created as of March 22, 2011, has 711,624 subscribers and still responds to customer questions. The page bears the blue tick verification badge – which means that Facebook has confirmed that it represents Kenya Power – and is managed by people in Kenya.

The about section includes many ways Kenya Power customers can contact the utility.

This bed: ” You have a question ? Ask us the question here on or call 97771. Dial * 977 # to submit your meter readings, report a power outage, or instantly get your last three tokens purchased. “

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