Hindi Film Cluster ZEE Wins Promax India Awards 2021


It was a winning party for the Zee Hindi Film Cluster, as Zee Cinema and & pictures won several awards at the prestigious Promax India Awards 2021 for their campaigns in top categories. Zee Hindi Movie Cluster has been at the forefront when it comes to storytelling and creative, audience-driven approaches. The chains have once again proven themselves with these commendable achievements.

The Promax India Awards recognize brands for their innovative marketing and entertainment design campaigns. Zee Cinema and & Pictures have collectively won five awards in various categories this season for their cutting-edge brand messages and engaging campaigns.

Zee Cinema shone at the awards for their flawless read on audiences with their campaigns that resonated the ‘Seene Mein Cinema’ channel brand proposition. The channel took home a gold medal in “Best Social Media Campaign for a Program” as well as a silver medal in “Best Holiday / Holiday Promotion” for their innovative and insight-driven campaign – 2020 Ka the End. The campaign was an initiative to spread positivity in a cinematic way by launching an interactive campaign to eliminate the most hated metaphorical villain 2020 and encourage people to wish for a hopeful future. The channel won a silver medal in “Using Celebrities / Influencers / Talents Using Social Media” for delivering a socially relevant message that the channel weaved with Taapsee Pannu for the world premiere of “Thappad” television.

& pictures, the channel that echoes the sentiment of young India, was recognized for its unique design and engaging social media campaign. It won a gold medal for “Best Logo Design in Multiple Media” and a Silver Medal for “Best Social Media Campaign for a Channel or Brand” launched as part of the recent refresh campaign. of the unprecedented brand “On Nahi Full On”. The “On Nahi Full On” brand refresh campaign was a strategic initiative to create a strong resonance with consumers and strengthen the brand’s perception of being a fun and energetic destination. The engaging campaign struck a chord with their target audience.

These campaigns praised the individual brand ideologies of the channels which reverberate to provide an unparalleled experience to the public. With top notch family performers, across all channels, Zee Hindi Movie Cluster has worked impeccably to create communication that creates a deeper connection and speaks directly to its audience.

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