Hear the scream of the Ferrari-style V-8 from the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06


Hear for yourself in the clip above. Something stands out? Is it that scream as the V-8 spins higher and higher, seemingly never running out of steam? This, folks, is essentially sound proof that the Corvette Z06 gets a special V-8 engine with a flat crankshaft. This neat little trick helps Ferrari’s V-8s reach the moon, while delivering that signature – and exotic – whine.

As we’ve reported for some time, the noise you hear in the video above is coming from a 5.5-liter V-8 with two camshafts operating the valves, instead of the push rods which forever operate the Corvette valves. This engine looks a lot like the same-displacement V-8 used by Corvette C8.R racing cars, except that it will produce more power as it won’t be limited by racing rules to just 500hp. Instead, the Z06 will hit over 600 horsepower, likely 615-625 horsepower, although the Z06’s output torque is expected to be similar to the C8.R’s 480 lb-ft.

Of course, the Z06’s sassy new engine will come with a hardcore suspension setup, unique styling, and available carbon fiber wheels and carbon-ceramic brake discs. Self-adhesive tires and additional aerodynamic equipment will also be part of the deal, all aimed at making the C8 Z06 as fit as possible on the track. In addition to all of this hardware, the Z06 will also feature a slightly new logo (pictured above), with a more stylized “Z” that matches the Z button on the current non-Z06 Corvette’s steering wheel. This button activates the custom performance settings at once, essentially calling for a specially designed drive mode, so it’s interesting that Chevrolet is linking the letter to performance and the Z06 brand.

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