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Students from the pre-wing of the DIPS school chain made beautiful designs using cotton, headphones and a sponge. The pupils dipped the cotton and the earphones in color and beautifully designed a tree, a flower butterfly, a doll, etc. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the little ones who came up with different goals wholeheartedly. School principals pointed out that the purpose of this activity was to increase the creativity and imagination of small children. They used different color schemes to articulate their favorite things and took full advantage of them. General Manager Tarwinder Singh and CEO Monica Mandotra praised the students’ drawings and felt that by doing such activities, the minds of the students stay fresh and they think about doing something new every time.

Bhangra World Cup meeting organized

Jalandhar: A meeting of the organizing committee regarding the preparations for the first Bhangra World Cup to be held on October 23-24 was held under the patronage of Principal Dr Gurpinder Singh Samra. During the meeting, Principal Dr Samra said that 41 applications had been received for national and international teams in four different categories. Plans for hosting the Bhangra World Cup have been finalized and sub-management committees have been set up for various functions. He said that on October 23, the overseas bhangra team competitions will be held via the online mode while on October 24, the bhangra team competitions in India will be held offline on the university campus. He informed that a workshop for teams would be organized regarding online competitions. Apart from this, the International Bhangra Quiz will be held during the Bhangra World Cup. Likewise, logo design contests for the College / Bhangra World Cup will also be held.

Observed World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day was celebrated at MLU DAV College Phagwara under the leadership of Dr Kiranjeet Randhawa. A seminar was organized for students by the Department of Science. During the seminar, the students were made aware of the importance of the ozone layer. The celebration of Ozone Day began with speeches prepared by the students. Dr Randhawa addressed the students and said: “World Ozone Day plays an important role in highlighting action to protect the ozone layer. It raises awareness of the importance of the ozone layer and the measures to be taken to preserve it. Life on Earth faces a multitude of threats. Unfortunately, all of these have developed as a result of the rapid industrialization activities undertaken by human beings over the past century. Climate change is now causing erratic weather patterns, causing unprecedented forest fires and flooding across the world. She further stated that everyone should avoid the consumption of ozone-depleting gases, minimize the use of cars as much as possible.

Hindi Samarpan Organized Samaroh

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya organized Hindi Samarparan Samaroh. A national webinar on “Hindi Today: Opportunities and Challenges” was organized on this occasion. The event was organized by PG Department of Hindi to mark the celebration of Hindi Diwas. Professor Harmohinder Singh Bedi, Chancellor Central University, Dharamshala and Dr Sudha Jitendar, Head of Hindi Department, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, were the resource persons for the webinar. Head teacher Dr Atima Sharma Dwivedi asserted that Hindi holds a very important place in our society, because during the struggle for freedom in India, Hindi was the most popular language among freedom fighters. Dr Bedi said in his speech that the Hindi language is the epitome of Indian culture which represents the soul of Indian culture and traditions. He explained that the Hindi language from its inception has overcome various obstacles and challenges and has taken a prominent place in contemporary times.

HMV (Eco) students bring laurels

Eight Economics (Hons) Semester III students of Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya brought laurels to the college by obtaining various positions at the university. Manpreet Kaur got the second position with 79 points. Ritu Devi got the third position with 77 points. Jyoti got the fourth position with 76 points. Priya Sharma and Sakshi Sharma got the fifth position with 72 points. Riya Sharma got the seventh position with 67 points. Khushdeep and Simran Kaur Mahil got the ninth position with 64 points. Head teacher Ajay Sareen congratulated the students.

Aditya Gupta shines in IIT JEE

Mayor World School’s Aditya Gupta achieved an All India ranking of 965. Aditya said: “My parents have been the guiding force in my life. They have always believed in my dreams and have been a pillar of my journey. He added: “The school has played a decisive role in my accomplishments. It gave me plenty of opportunities to hone my skills. The school’s team of educators have always given me confidence to give the best of myself and encouraged me to improve my shortcomings. Teachers believe Aditya is ruled by an innate desire to excel and achieve the impossible. He is a hard working child who possesses the ability to reach greater heights in life. The educators of the Mayor World School have always believed in encouraging young minds to go further.

DPS celebrates the day of its foundation

Delhi Public School celebrated its 20th founding day. The celebration continues as a series each month. On Teachers’ Day, this month’s celebrations of the 20th foundation year were planned with a difference. Former teachers sent heartfelt messages and congratulatory greetings to management, staff and students through recorded videos. It was pure nostalgia, giving off warmth as they shared their experiences at school, highlighting the precious moments and the most enriching experiences of their journey at DPS. They thanked the school leadership for the cooperation, freedom and creativity with which they were nurtured as teachers and individuals at the school. TNS

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