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AUSTIN, Texas, July 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 360Science, the leader in contact and enterprise data matching, deduplication, unification and linking, today announced that it has expanded its portfolio of integrations and ‘offers with the addition of Snowflake, the world’s first cloud-based data platform. Users will now be able to easily find duplicates in tables, find matches between tables, and even compare Snowlake data with other built-in sources such as Microsoft SQL Server and Excel.

360Science helps organizations large and small in virtually every industry and industry improve the data that matters most to them. Top-down requests for data-driven decision making are not enough, people need to be equipped with tools like Cortex that allow them to find answers quickly and easily.

“One of our main principles is All your data, all your employees, Explain Brian haering, Director of Operations at 360Science. “This means weaving accessibility into all of our products both in terms of ease of use and connectivity. We have designed our tools to be powerful and easy to use for all types of users in an organization. . “

Snowflake’s focus on delivering new ways to access and use data aligns well with 360Science’s commitment to giving users around the world reliable data. Combined with 360Science’s proprietary data matching technology, the integration will give users more control and confidence in their Snowflake data.

About 360Science

360Science is a data quality company specializing in the mapping, deduplication, unification, binding and verification of contact and corporate data. Using specially designed artificial intelligence, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, contextual lexicons, and a contextual scoring engine, 360Science eliminates errors, inconsistencies and challenges commonly encountered in data from contact and business. Learn more about 360Science.com

About Snowflake

Snowflake allows each organization to mobilize its data with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Customers use the data cloud to unite data in silos, discover and share data securely, and run a variety of analytical workloads. No matter the data or the user, Snowflake offers a unique data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Learn more about Snowflake.com

360Science - Intelligent Customer Data Matching

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